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October 6, 2011

The tip of my cap to Mr. Jobs is that I hope to need only my iPad instead of schlepping my heavy laptop for 3 upcoming conference trips:

A recent blog post got me thinking about the whole networking thing at these events. Last year I wrote about willfully participating in “Anteaters 2.0, a heads down ritual involving sniffing 0’s and 1’s from our glowing hands.” Yeah, shy me usually keeps to himself at these things, but the post is convincing and one line in particular got my attention, “Making connections is critical to your career, your well being, and your learning. Period. Make it happen.” I want to get better at it. This year I will.

Franny Oxford’s post also inspired me to reward networking as a motivator for our customers to meet our Services folks this year at KronosWorks. So, if our customers just tell us who they met and what they learned at each of our 5 Services booths, including Education, Cloud Services and Optimization, they’ll be entered to win a $1,000 AMEX card! That’s pretty cool, right?

I wish I could win a thousand bucks for my super-human networking efforts this year…

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