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On second thought, maybe we do need that training…

September 30, 2011

Back in July, I wrote “Training? We don’t need no stinkin’ training!” I guess I was wrong. Actually, some of our customers want us to customize their training materials, and the results are usually pretty great. This week I saw an email from one of our customers stating just that. They’re press-shy, so I won’t use their name, but let me just say they know a great deal about customer service and creating a magical customer experience, so to receive praise from them means a great deal to us. Here are a few excerpts regarding their training experience for our Workforce Scheduler product conducted by Kronos trainers in Glendale, Dallas, Chicago and New York, along with my commentary about what our team did to deliver the experience our customers expect:

  • Listen and understand the business. Workforce scheduling is art and science and can be a competitive differentiator. It’s critical the product training include the customer’s unique processes:

“… they are able to consume the training material and integrate our specific terminology and practices into their delivery. ”

  • Work as a team to understand the audience and continuously improve the delivery and training effectiveness:

“Their communication with each other about what they were seeing in first two weeks made the message get better as each week progressed.”

  • Create realistic use cases and relevant tools to make the training real:

“Using the Simulations attached to the Interactive Job Aid as our delivery strategy proved to be a wise recommendation and decision. The feedback from the Field Leadership, as well as the store manager participants, has been very positive and enthusiastic about the product. That is the best we could have hoped for. “

  • It can be hard to keep the attention of your audience for a comprehensive training class. Keep it fresh and keep it fun.

“Sitting in on 12 sessions myself I must say their ability to recharge and refresh the message each day is an impressive skill. It was a pleasure working with each member of the training team. I would certainly support engaging your team again should the opportunity arise.”

What makes a training experience great for you?

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  1. October 6, 2011 7:58 pm

    Hi Leo,
    You’ve got it exactly right! Training is so much more important than many think. The key is doing it well. Training that isn’t well thought out can be worse than no training at all, and I think that might be what made you say less than stellar things before. Much training we encounter is very OK. Training must be constantly evaluated and improved, just like, say, marketing. Wishing you continued great response to your Kronos Training and my your team constantly improve.

    Bryan deSilva

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