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RIP the LeoTreo

August 23, 2011

Last week HP announced a few little things:

  • It’s looking to channel its inner IBM and dump its $40B PC business
  • Enterprise software is their future, based on their $10.2B buyout of Autonomy, an enterprise search provider
  • It killed its WebOS business, including tablets and ancestors of what used to be Palm, Inc…

PC’s are so 80’s and we’ll see if HP can make the Autonomy acquisition work. Many observers think they way overpaid for the search company. Still, of all this momentous news for the company of Hewlett and Packard, mostly I mourn the death of the Palm offspring, WebOS. My Jack Bauer model Treo 650 did everything for me way back in 2005, including helping me out with its bluetooth turkey timer accessory on Thanksgiving.

Palm was dying when HP gobbled them up in 2010 for $1.2B. They lost their creative way after the Treo and then Apple launched a smartphone, the iSomethingorother. Palm didn’t see the disruptive threat of an elegant touchscreen interface and intuitive iOS… Something different. They though their competition was another vendor with clunky keyboard devices, RIM and the Blackberry. They were wrong and now they’re gone.

I guess the lesson is that you need to be the disruptive force against your own product or someone else will be.

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