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There’s an app for that?

June 24, 2011

In May, the US Department of Labor released an iPhone app to help employees, “record the hours that you work and calculate the amount you may be owed by your employer.” Cool. That’s exactly what Kronos apps do. Oh, and our mobile app is much cooler…

Anyway, we help our customers pay their employees accurately so then everyone is happy, right? Well, not exactly. Many organizations pay more than they should because employees clock in, and then um, don’t work for awhile. They might stop in the café, do a little water cooler chit-chat, or even use that iPhone to call mom. Now I don’t begrudge anyone calling Mom, but if you’re supposed to be working the ER in a hospital, I (and the employer) would feel better if you were doing that.

One of our healthcare customers was recently showcased in a HealthLeaders Media article titled, “How to Start Trimming Labor Costs.” The article tells how a Kronos Optimization Analysis helped the customer identify this time entry misuse, plus schedule inefficiencies that were inflating payroll.

From an employee’s perspective, they may not even realize there’s an issue with five minutes here or there, but in this case, if just 200 employees in a small hospital overstate their hours by only 10 minutes a day, it can cost the hospital over $150,000 annually.

With hospital operating costs under constant pressure, that’s worth looking at.

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