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Is “the Cloud” just hype, or a real business solution?

June 17, 2011

I’m not sure at what point “the cloud” will jump the shark like Arthur Fonzarelli, but it’s a big ball of gas on fire right now. Just this week an article appeared in The Atlantic (Really? The Atlantic?) magazine on a cloud survey of over 500 IT professionals by Of course Apple’s iCloud news has brought the hype to another level entirely, but the survey reveals some interesting things about organizations investing in, or evaluating “the cloud,” and what it means to them.

Seeing the cool infographic from the survey results got me thinking about how Kronos delivers real business solutions to our customers via “the cloud.” Let’s look at some of what the respondents say about cloud adoption and how Kronos is meeting stated customer needs. Here’s a big one:

Hmmm. It looks like Kronos customers enjoy complete flexibility in how they use our products. Let’s now look at what the survey says about the top factors driving adoption of cloud computing and how Kronos delivers:

  1. Scalability – We’re hosting customers from 250 to over 30,000 with plans to scale over 100,000 employees.
  2. Cost savings – One hosted customer recently said, “As far as the managed services goes, for us it really was a no brainer. We took a look at our costs of hiring that type of staff expertise in house and it came out to a 47% savings and that didn’t take into account turnover and training, or other soft costs of maintaining that expertise in-house.”
  3. Easier Management – What’s easier than having Kronos do it all?
  4. Redundancy – How about a hot backup system?
  5. Greater Flexibility – Simply put, Kronos customers can run their applications virtualized on VMware (or not) in their datacenter, our datacenter, or via “the cloud.”

How about benefits? Based on the top 3 “perceived benefits of cloud computing” as rated by the 500+ IT Pro’s, we’re pretty good there too:

  1. Hardware savings – Well, customers don’t have to buy it, therefore they completely avoid capital expenditures.
  2. Faster deployment of infrastructure – We can spin up a Kronos environment ready to be configured to meet a customer’s exact business requirements in 48 hours.
  3. Reduce Systems Management Burden – How about none? We manage the whole system for hundreds of customers today.

With all the hype around “the cloud,” I just want to make sure our hype is grounded in the real services and business benefits we deliver every day.

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