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Very Bad Marketing

June 1, 2011

Sure, this post will likely jinx me and I’ll soon spel (there, it’s out of the way) something wrong, but this week I’ve been emailed some very crappy marketing. I’m not talking about screwing up anything complex like keyword research, SEO or SEM; these are just some basics we simply must get right as marketers…

The Screaming Typo – Maybe someone had a really long Memorial Day weekend, but on Tuesday I was greeted with “Three Steps To Effective Cloud Panning & Design.” I’m not going to mention the large research firm it came from, but maybe they should pan on using an editor next time.

The Obnoxious Ego-Targeting Opening – Later on Tuesday, Jerome from awickedlongURLnamedotcom sent me an unsolicited email that began, “If you are like most of the business leaders I speak to…” Actually, Jerome, I’m not. That appeal to my ego turned me off, as did the rest of your jargon filled spam. Would you speak to me that way if we were simply talking? No? Then don’t write to me that way.

The Doublemint Two-fer – This morning when I received my second copy of “Tackling the B2B Social Media Maze,” 8 minutes after the first, it was easy to highlight them both before hitting the “Delete” key. They actually make software today to de-duplicate prospect and customer databases. Check it out and better yet, use it.

What bad marketing “Lincoln Logs” have soiled your inbox this week?

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