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If this is winning, why do I feel so bad?

May 26, 2011

“We should have a shrink on staff with a couch to help anyone who reads the verbatim comments from our sat surveys.” That was my wise-guy comment to Tim, who manages our Voice of the Customer program. I had just consumed every crumb of customer input to our latest batch of support surveys and some of the comments made me crave an anti-depressant or 30 minutes on my stair-climber.

Let me be clear: Kronos provides great customer support. In fact, in the data I was looking at for the first half our current fiscal year (Oct-Mar), over 6,500 customer respondents scored us 9.33 out of 10! Oh yeah, and we’ve been killing it for quite some time. Earlier this month Kronos won the NorthFace ScoreBoard Award℠ from the Omega Management Group for excellence in customer satisfaction for the 11th consecutive year. Omega’s President John Alexander Maraganis was very um, satisfied with our performance:

“The NorthFace ScoreBoard Award recognizes organizations who not only offer exemplary customer service, but who also center their existence on a deep commitment to exceeding customer expectation. To be a recipient of this award for 11 years and to achieve 99 percent positive feedback indicates that Kronos is a leader in managing the customer experience and satisfying customer needs with exceptional workforce management solutions.”

Thanks Mr. Maraganis, but I still feel down in the hole. Here’s what haunts my dreams of perfect customer experiences… In March, although we had only 22 “detractor” (scoring us 0-6) comments out of 1,221 total responses, they all hurt and need to be addressed. Here’s a taste. In a field for comments of how we can improve, one customer wrote:

“There is not enough space in this text box.”


In contrast, we had 11 times the number of “promoters” (scoring us 9-10) in March than detractors and their comments reflected the strong scoring, but the 22 stings linger. So what do we do?

We act. Any time we receive a “detractor” score of 0-6, we send an “action alert” to the responsible manager so they can contact the customer, explore the issue, and determine its root cause (if possible) so the immediate problem is fixed and future problems avoided.

That helps me and others stay off Dr. Freud’s couch. Oh, and speaking of staying sane, could the Bruins please win Game 7 tomorrow night? Thanks.

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