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No Free PaaS for Not Delivering

April 12, 2011

(Credit: Dave Rosenberg via Comic Strip Generator)

First off, I want to credit Joan Engebretson for her inspirational article, “No end to cloud service creativity.” Ms. Engebretson’s article describes today’s “hot suffix” as “aaS,” and goes on to identify a few variants since “Software as a Service”(SaaS) appeared in 2001. Just like SaaS still today, some of these are not very intuitive, so I’ll take a stab at what they might mean:

  • CaaS – Communications as a Service (Divorce mediator?)
  • TMaaS – Telecom Management as a Service (You hire someone to scream at Comcast?)

Reading on, I found a blog by Peter Laird that documents many more aaS-ets, including:

  • HaaS – Humans as a Service (OK, I’m pretty sure this is illegal…)
  • IaaS – Identity as a Service (Is this when they steal it, but then rent it back to you?)

Finally, Sam Johnston’s post titled, “Sanity as a service: marketing gone mad,” ID’s a few more gems like:

  • SaaS – Solar as a Service™ (Does the sun know about this?)
  • RaaS – Records as a Service™ (Don’t get ripped off. Just stream MVYRadio for free.)

While soberly serious to the marketing folks who came up with these, it’s pretty humorous to observe the “me too” lack of creativity. Hey, I want to play, and there’s not many of these yet in the healthcare market. How about Gastroenterology as a Service (GaaS)?

What’s not funny is that customers are being sold this stuff and more than a few of them will have a bad experience. So whatever you’re touting “as a Service,” make sure you’re:

  • Being clear about the services you’re offering… in Sales presentations, collateral, website, etc.
  • Matching your SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) to your selling messages.
  • Actually delivering on the “Promises as a Service” you’re making to customers.

Otherwise you won’t be doing it for long.

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