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What would you say… ya do here?

April 7, 2011

One of most rewarding things about my basement “Man-Cave” project is the tangible result I can see and touch at the end of the workday. I see the wooden skeleton of would be walls and I feel their solidity. It feels good to know I put them there. It’s the same feeling you get when the foot of snow is cleared from your driveway, the rows of vegetables are planted in your garden, or that last old table you found perfects your living room layout. Well, for now…

How does that compare to the work product you produce as a professional in the world of tecnology? Unless you’re installing some sort of hardware for a customer, the results of your effort are often intangible, but they’re there, right? At the end of your working day, you should ask yourself these questions to hone in on your own productivity and value to your organization…

That’s what the people in the Kronos Services organization do every day. Come to think of it, that’s what I do every day, and I’m in Marketing.

So, at the end of your day you’ve got to ask yourself just one question…

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