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Services Branding: “Isn’t this just marketing?”

February 28, 2011

One of the first posts here looked at feedback from focus groups we conducted with customers about our services. We simply asked them, “What do you want?

Based on the themes that emerged, we created services branding that promises customers and prospects, “The Experience You Expect.” It sounds lofty, but isn’t really. Customers aren’t expecting miracles or a Meg Ryan “I’ll have what she’s having” moment; they simply want the basics executed well. From our customer input, we built The Experience You Expect on 3 fundamental commitments:

  1. Strong Start, Early Success – We’re committed to getting customer systems installed as quickly and efficiently as possible
  2. Delivering Continuous Value – The value we deliver doesn’t stop when the system goes live
  3. Helping You Work Smarter – Unlock the value of workforce management to gain a competitive advantage

In other (less marketing-speak) words…

  • Get your customers live on their software so they can begin realizing ROI quickly
  • Don’t abandon them once they are live
  • Help them to gradually grow to use advanced system capabilities over time

Recently our Senior VP of Services was addressing an audience of front-line employees. As he was describing the new branding, a lone hand rose above the crowd. The gutsy question was, “Isn’t this just marketing?” It was a perfect segue for the VP to talk about the investments we’re making in training and tools to help us deliver on the promise.

As we continue to train our employees on the brand, I now use a slide asking the question, “Isn’t this just marketing?” The answer is simple:

Yes, it is.

Unless we deliver it.

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  1. Al Warner permalink
    March 2, 2011 11:25 pm

    Leo, It’s that third bullet, advanced system capabilities, that I see in sharp relief every day. Whether it’s a common app like ACT! or a specialized manufacturing package, so many clients are limping along at the 20% level, leaving 80 % of their system’s capability untapped. Vendors and consultants that can deliver that remaining value will always stand out. Good post.


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