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Calling In Super Sick

February 2, 2011

“Each team can rush the passer, yet both quarterbacks can elude the rush. It should be a fun game.” That’s the seed commentary I’ll feed my sports fan-not boss this week. She loves to drop those game day nuggets on her sports fanatic husband. Let’s hope she can do it with a straight face this year. The boss is also the queen of the Workforce Institute, the first ever Kronos think-tank-blog-place. She also published a Workforce Institute compilation in the Fall and became quite difficult to live with during all the book signings and press junkets, although I really appreciated it when she introduced stunning local TV reporter Liz Brunner to me. Yeah, she takes care of her peeps.

Anyway… The “big game” on Sunday will be seen in person by 100,000 people and televised to 1,000 times that number (That’s 100 million for those of you not doing math right now) in over 230 countries!

And an unhealthy percentage of them will call in sick on Monday.

According to 2008 (yeah, it’s old) data from the Workforce Institute some 1 ½ million will call in sick on Monday, apparently due to (liquid) food poisoning or Advertising Saturation Syndrome. Another 4 ½ million will show up late. Six million people will be work-impaired the next day because of a football game? Wow.

In technology news, aside from the Stadium named after some Cowboys being packed tighter with technology (5,000 servers!) than a HTC Thunderbolt, its management will also allow people to bring their iPads to the game… What? Yeah, there’s actually an “official” game app featuring virtual 3D navigation of the building and a “facilities guide” so users will have all the help they need to buy dogs and beers.

Jeez. Maybe I will be sick on Monday.

Oh, and Green Bay is favored by 2 ½. Sounds about right.

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