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Personal Continuity

January 12, 2011

OK, it may have been a coincidence during today’s latest “snowpocalypse” in the Northeast, but in this age of context driven advertising, the timing is perfect to receive a webinar invitation to “Business Continuity Guaranteed – How to Enable Your Employees to Take the Virtual Road to Work” from Citrix Online via I get quite a few invites to learn about their remote access solutions, but I’m already a customer… It does make me wonder what percentage of knowledge businesses today don’t use these tools, but it’s a snow day and I don’t want to work that hard finding out.

So… “SNOW!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES, but would you please grab a gallon of milk on the way home?” The sheer number of media lenses today magnifies everything, and snowstorms are no exception, but regardless of the relative severity, it’s far more productive for me to forego the slippery commute and “work from home.” I have the technology. Well, I don’t yet use a tool like Skype for videoconferencing (that may be a good thing), but I have my cellphone, my work laptop and email and GoToMeeting if I need to meet and review documents together.

All my technology tools are in place for a very productive day. The only thing stopping me is… me. Well, and the sadistic refrigerator whispering to me from downstairs, but that’s a distraction for another blog. As I came in this morning from round 1 of snowblowing, my “snowday” daughter emplored me to “hang out” with her and my granddaughter. “I have to work,” was my response. “Come on Dad! Are they going to know if you’re on the computer?”

“I’ll know.”

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