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The Apple of my eye

December 20, 2010

I’m lusting for a bite of something Apple. Anything really. At the top of the list is a MacBook Pro, but an iPad would probably do and the iPhone to Verizon rumors are paralyzing my Smartphone upgrade plans.

Yesterday while at a mall shopping for boots that weren’t for me, we hit the Apple Store to pick up a wall charger for a MacBook Pro, again, not mine. The shiny and bright rectangular floor was Christmas chaos. It looked like Santa’s Taiwanese factory with people, Apples and Apps bouncing off the white walls. There, I finally got to feel the almost as light as MacBook Air and gaze upon the gleaming screen of the aforementioned MacBook Pro and its brilliant backlit keys. The iPhone? It just feels good in your hand and is… so cool.

After teasing myself with toys that will remain wants, I was assisted by two store employees to the $79 charger. Once in my hands, my peripheral scan indicated no checkout area. Amidst the bedlam of Apple fanboys, girls and wannabees like me, another Apple employee appeared. “Where do I go to pay for this,” I asked. “Right here,” said the smiling associate as he whipped out an iPhone looking device to scan the product and my credit card. At home, a receipt was in my email.

Apple’s not perfect. They have plenty of detractors (sample pro and con here), but they have the product design and retail buying experience nailed. Why else would someone pay eighty bucks for a laptop charger and still feel good about it?

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