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When is a product actually a service?

December 17, 2010

The answer is, “most of the time” if it’s a technology product. An article in this week’s USA Today titled, “Which Smartphone works for you?” compared devices running Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows software. A Forrester analyst in the article proclaims, “The experience on the iPhone is still the best.” The next paragraph begins, “The major drawback with the iPhone is the phone service.” Hmmm… I see. So the iPhone is the best experience, just not if you want to make calls?

I get it. The iPhone user interface and apps are stellar. I lust for one, but I’m not willing to take a chance on AT&T’s service. I’d be willing to pull the virtual trigger on that sweet HTC Evo Android device too, but it runs (or not) on Sprint…

So, I’m stuck on my 2-plus year old Windows Mobile phone until:

  1. A: An iPhone is available on Verizon, or;
  2. B. An Android phone with specs similar to the Evo is… (Oh, and that supports VZ’s new 4G network…)

Would you buy a technology product if you weren’t sure your service experience would be a good one?

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