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The Upgrade Dilemma

December 13, 2010

“All I want for Christmas is the new Harry Potter game.”

“Wow,” I thought. My son really doesn’t ask for much, but this “short list” was a new low. I fired up the ginormous online Brazilian retailer website and did a quick search on “Harry Potter PS2.” “Hmmmm… Maybe it’s not out yet for the PlayStation2.” A few more search refinements and I was suddenly wondering if the boy was secretly manipulating the old man with his seemingly low-ball request. You see, they don’t make “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1” for the PlayStation2…  So now that my existing technology no longer met the needs of my “employee,” I had 3 choices:

  1. Hobble along with old technology and a disgruntled employee
  2. Upgrade with Sony
  3. Migrate to another technology vendor

In my day job, trying to overcome customer obstacles to upgrading is major priority. Well, it’s a priority among many, but I have spent considerable time thinking about it and reading great, but sadly dormant blogs covering the subject.

I take employee sat very seriously, so option 1 was quickly ruled out. Then I performed a rudimentary Optimization Analysis to determine what I really needed out of the system:

  • How’s the system being used today? – Well, Kyle sits on his, um, couch all weekend and plays Harry Potter, Narnia, and Jaws.
  • Does an upgrade protect or enhance my investment? – No! A PlayStation3 DOES NOT play PS2 games! Maybe it’s not a good idea to take away functionality customers value in an “upgrade.”
  • How would I like the system to be used in the future? – I would like Kyle off of his butt more, so a platform with more interactive games was appealing.
  • Has my organization changed? – Through some sort of merger I’d rather not think about, I now have a new employee (granddaughter Madison, 3) who will use the system, and Nintendo makes a pink, kid sized controller…

The result of my abbreviated OA? Option 3 will be a Wii.

What is your decision making criteria for upgrading (or not) technology?

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