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“It’s not that I’m lazy. It’s that I just don’t care.”

October 19, 2010

I used that quote along with a picture of actor Ron Livingston as office slacker Peter Gibbons in “Office Space” to introduce “why you should care about selling services” to some 200 Sales professionals at our annual Sales kickoff. Of course I love getting laughs out of an audience, but I also wanted to get the attention of the largely software Sales Executives while I tried to explain. Aside from the fact that they are paid for all the services they sell, I wanted them to know of all the other benefits to their customers and in turn, them.

  • Services actually help their customers – Imagine that! Without the assistance of our project managers, application consultants, support engineers, trainers and other service employees, most customers would simply not get good value from their software investment. The faster we can get them to that value, the happier (and more loyal) they will be. If we continue to help them sustain and extend that value, we’re on the path to building loyalty and true partnership.
  • Services create a positive customer experience – Well, the vast majority of our thousands of customer interactions do. Any customer who tells us about a negative experience receives immediate management attention to determine the root cause and to remedy the situation. Sometimes caring enough to ask about customer service problems and then fixing them can be as positive as getting it right the first time. Well, almost.
  • Services build relationship between the customer and the company – Specifically, the relationships are with the people representing the company. Just recently we received a support survey comment that read, “It’s not like I’m calling support. It’s like I’m calling a friend.” Having been in the software business over 30 years, Kronos has thousands of “friends” in their customer ranks and that’s a huge factor in our long-term success.
  • Services can provide insight to the customer’s world – With about 1,000 service professionals working, chatting, dining or even sharing an after-work beer with people from customer organizations, we hear about their successes and their challenges, and we learn from both. From the successes, we sometimes learn what strategies, tactics and behaviors we might emulate and benefit from, and from the challenges, we very often discover we can help our customer friends overcome them. That can lead to additional business opportunity for our Sales partners.

Do you agree? What other reasons can you think of why product sales professionals should care about selling services?

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