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What do you want?

October 7, 2010

A different title perched above this post, but a couple paragraphs in, this new one popped into my head, along with a classic scene from “Field of Dreams” as Iowa farmer Ray Kinsella and 60’s author/guru Terence Mann entered Fenway Park:

Ray: So what do you want?
Terence: I want them to stop looking to me for answers, begging me to speak again, write again, be a leader. I want them to start thinking for themselves. I want my privacy.
Ray: No, I mean, what do you WANT? [Gestures to the concession stand they’re in front of]
Terence: Oh. Dog and a beer.

Nearly a year ago, we convened customer focus groups to get their input on Kronos services and to specifically ask, “What do you want?” We wanted to understand our customers’ expectations regarding our services. We learned a great deal, and three themes emerged around what our customers want:

  1. Guide their system implementation with minimum disruption
  2. Focus on delivering the value (of the product) promised
  3. Help them get the most out of their Kronos investment

They also told us to simplify our services so they could easily, almost intuitively understand what we offer.

Since then, we’ve been investing to strengthen our performance in the 3 key areas above:

  • Increased consultant and project manager training
  • Customer service IT systems including a new knowledge-base
  • Education and support assets
  • Quantitative methodology development to measure solution adoption and workforce management effectiveness for customers across 4 key disciplines

We’ve also invested in a new customer survey platform so we can survey more customers than ever before. We’ve got to measure our effectiveness delivering the experience our customers expect, and we’re seeing positive results.

What do your customers want?

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